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Take this from my friend, Jim. He is absolutely right. The church is the body not the building. Until we realize this, we will not be good disciplers. That is the Great Commission.


Man did I have a great drive in this morning.  I am all caught up in the great worship music; today’s blog idea is flowing through my head; and my phone goes off.  I have a direct message in Twitter (I can assure you I didn’t read it while driving).  As it turns out, I have a Twitter critic.  I love it!  I don’t tweet to be popular, I tweet to inspire and speak His Truth.

When the blog idea “Your Majesty” hit me, 2 things immediately came to mind.  The first many will think of is if you were addressing a Royal or a judge… “Yes, your Majesty.”  Another would be the glory of your surroundings… if you were on a mountain overlook and felt the view was majestic.  With God it’s both.  He is the Royal, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  He is also…

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