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We can’t live the Christian life using any of our own strength. We have to let go of our own feeble abilities and latch onto and except God’s strength.

It’s like this. When a ship is about to cast off and go anchors away, you don’t see the entire ships complement out there tugging away at this massive anchor. No you see the man in charge turning on the anchor windlass to pull the anchor by a strength far greater than that of all of the crew.

God is our windlass. Only he can pull up all the things that weigh us down, all of the things that Satan tries to use against us. To quote Jentezen Franklin, “Satan couldn’t even worship God when there was no Satan where he lived in a perfect world!”

So when Satan comes to you and whispers in your ear that you’re not strong enough to do what God wants you to do, tell him that he’s right, but God is and your faith is in your Anchor Windlass. Not in your own strength. There’s a dose of medicine for us all to take with us tomorrow.