Lawrence O’Donnell: No Bible on Inauguration Day [VIDEO] | The Daily Caller.

Wow! What can I say about this guy? I’ve not heard such uninformed blather in quite some time. This is exactly why good apologetics and a proper understanding  of the Word are paramount for any Christian in this day and age. Thank God for people like Ravi Zacharias, who day in and day out pound the intellectual pavement to inform and help transform people. As for his comments on Louie Giglio (@louiegiglio), he was not kicked out of the inauguration, he resigned from it, as seen here. And what can I say about his uninformed rant on the Biblical content as it relates to homosexuality? The term homosexual is a rather recent addition to the American vernacular hence, of course, it was not used in any translation of the Bible before 1946 in the RSV. It is also not used in every translation of the Bible. These are the types of straw man arguments that people set up in order to prove a narrow point which the ignorant may not perceive. This type of pseudo-journalism should act as a clarion call to all Christians everywhere to check their relationship with Jesus and prepare for the onslaught of persecution He said we would endure.See Matthew 13:21 and John 16:33.