A song comes to mind when thinking about Barack, Ayers, Wright, and Rezko— “Run Away” by Flock of Seagulls. It seems Mr. Obama has been avoiding his associations with certain unsavory characters for a long time now. No more! He cannot now avoid answering questions about his previous and current associations with a racist, a terrorist and a crook. So now, Obama will run as fast as possible away from these people—-if he’s smart.
The question is, will he finally denounce these characters or will he continue to be friends with these radicals? The first thing he needs to do is be honest with America and stop lying to us about almost everything. He continues to pull the wool just to gain power for the Marxists and the neo-socialists of his ilk.
Please Mr. Obama be honest with us. You’ve made the first step by coyly and ever-so-slightly backing away from the wolves. Chances are, though, he will only answer accusations and inundations as they are leveled.