It seems this season has become one of the most competitive in our nation’s history. First, it started 8 months earlier this time around than in times past, and there are more front runners than ever before, partly due to the first point.
My question is “Why?”

It’s probably, imho, due to what’s been going on for the past 7 years of Pres. Bush’s term. It’s the economy , the war, immigration, healthcare, more recently the housing market’s tumble back in August.

So what is to be done? Is the solution in government expansion to bail out homeowners who wanted the ARMs and quick refinances? Maybe it’s federal subsidies on everything from health care to underwear. Should the feds be tasked with cleaning up after the free market?


Let the free market take care of itself.

Here’s my plan.
1. Adopt Giuliani’s tax reform which has been put before the house by Rep. Dreier.
2. Build the fence on our Southern border from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico.
3. Cut out all earmarks.
4. Change the House and Senate rules that allow amendments to bills which have nothing to do with the text of the bills themselves.
5. Give power back to the people by placing power back in the states concerning domestic affairs.
6. Restrict the federal government to foreign affairs.
7. As the President said last night, consolidate the redundant bureaus in the Federal government. Mitt Romney is on board with this.
8. Keep the Federal judiciary out of state affairs.