We read

Why do we read the works of other people? What is it about gathering another person’s opinion that drives us? After all, whether fiction or non fiction, we seek to know what others know. I wonder what it is about knowledge outside our own is so attractive. I was thinking the other day about the disconnect between reality and what our imagining of reality is. When we imagine an event, we tend to think linearly or one thought at a time from beginning to end. However in life things don’t happen linearly but in a fashion in a combination of different things all at once. Maybe I should call this colinear in the fact that a confluence of activities occur at the same time to produce reality. What does this idea of colinear reality have to do with what we read you may ask. Just this. What we read affects how we think meaning we are influenced in our perceptions of reality by what we allow to affect our thoughts. Its writers like C.S. Lewis and Jules Verne that affect my perception of reality in that they examine the reasons behind my expectations and underneath my expectations.